The STARlab focusses on the neuroscience of response control in health and disease. We are embedded in the Brain Division of the UMC Utrecht. The development of novel MRI and neurostimulation methods and technology is also a key area of interest. Besides research and development, the STARlab offers training and support in the areas of response control, neuroimaging and brain stimulation, and is active in the domain of knowledge utilization and valorization.


Current Projects


Current Lab Members:

  • Bas Neggers – Associate Professor
  • Branco van Hulst – PhD student
  • Petar Petrov – PhD student
  • Judith van Leeuwen – Research Assistant
  • Susanne Asscheman – MSc Student
  • Jasper Dezwaef – MSc Student


Katy Thakkar Now Assistant Professor at Michigan State University
Jannie Wijnen Now PostDoc at the Image Science Institute
Antoin de Weijer Now PostDoc at FMRIB Center, Oxford University, UK
Tjerk Gutteling Now PostDoc at Sensorimotor lab, Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Kelly Diederen Now PostDoc at Cambridge Neuroscience, Cambridge University, UK
K.M. Sharika Now PhD student at the National Brain Research Center, New Delhi, India
Marijn Struiksma Now PostDoc at Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Fiona Heiligenberg Now PhD-student working for the FMRIB Centre in Oxford and the Donders Centre for Cognitive Neuroimaging in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.
Jessica Heeman Now Research Assistant at the Attention Lab, Utrecht University, the Netherlands
Joost Haarsma Now PhD student in cognitive neuroscience as part of the NSPN project, UK
Mel Batson
Helene Hopman
Lara Rosler Now doing an internship at the Brain Imaging Centre Frankfurt , Frankfurt, Germany