The SCIP lab is interested in applying social cognitive paradigms and link them to neurobiological mechanisms (e.g. structural and functional MRI) in healthy individuals, those at risk for psychosis (e.g. siblings and offspring of patients) and patients with a psychotic illness (in particular schizophrenia and bipolar disorder), with the aim of understanding (abnormal) social functioning. We are particularly interested in social cognitive measures that focus on self-referential processes, such as self-agency, and processes related to distinguish between self and other, such as joint action, emotional contagion, and multisensory integration.


We closely collaborate with Prof. Henk Aarts and his lab (Social and behavioral sciences at UU), Prof. Manon Hillegers and her lab (BRIDGE at UMCU and Erasmus Medical Centre), Dr. Matthijs Vink (fMRI at UU), and Dr. Anouk van der Weiden (Clinical and healthy psychology at UU).

Moreover, we actively participate in the ENIGMA consortium, a worldwide initiative that brings together researchers in imaging genomics to understand brain structure, function, and disease, based on brain imaging and genetic data (

Key Publications

  • For all publication of NEM van Haren, see:
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Current Lab Members

  • Neeltje van Haren (PI) ­- Associate Professor
  • Loek Brinkman – Post Doc (UU)
  • Merel Prikken ­ – PhD student
  • Martijn Koevoets ­ – PhD student
  • Sonja de Zwarte – PhD student
  • Nikita Setiaman – PhD student
  • Natascha den Bleijker – Research Assistant
  • Heleen Baalbergen – Research Assistant
  • Elizabeth Buimer – Research Assistant


  • Eline Koppenol (2015)
  • Jet Heering (PhD, 2015), now psychologist at GGZ inGeest, Amsterdam
  • Robert Renes (PhD, 2016), now tutor and instructor at University College Utrecht
  • Anouk van der Weiden (2015), now post-doc at Utrecht University
  • Philippine van der Flier (2016)
  • Floor van der Doef (2016)