Hilleke Hulshoff Pol is a full professor of neuroscience, in particular of psychiatric disorders, at the University Medical Center Utrecht. She heads the Neuroimaging Research group of the Department of Psychiatry. She graduated from Utrecht University on “Memory processes in the frontal cortex of the human brain” in 1995, under supervision of Prof.dr. Jan van Ree, Prof.dr. Max Viergever, Prof.dr. Cees Tulleken, and Dr. Ron Hijman.


Her research focuses on structural and functional brain plasticity throughout life in health and in psychiatric disorders, and on the influences of genes and environment on brain plasticity. For this purpose, she studies individuals, including with psychotic disorders, and their (twin) family members, using magnetic resonance imaging at (ultra)-high field.



NIH ENIGMA World Aging Center  https://app.dimensions.ai/details/grant/grant.7909062


NWA NeurolabNL  https://neurolab.nl

Dutch Brain Foundation Alcohol and the development of the adolescent brain project https://www.hersenstichting.nl/actueel/nieuws/hoe-schadelijk-is-dat-biertje-op-je-15e

NWO Gravity Consortium on Individual Development  https://individualdevelopment.nl

YOUth  https://youthonderzoek.nl

NWO National Roadmap BBMRI   www.bbmri.nl